6 players arrested for setting up esports matches in Australia!

The detention was in the state of Victoria. Young people aged 19 - 22 years had to bet their matches at the bookmaker’s, and then deliberately loses them. The case concerns at least five matches with more than 20 bets. The investigation started in March this year after the bookmaker informed the police about suspicious activity.

The players are not known but it is known that the action was related to a large tournament Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
For dishonest use of bookmaker’s bets they are threatened with up to 10 years in prison. Arrests show that the police take the criminal activity in esports seriously.

When really large amounts of money are involved, such situations can multiply. After all, this is not the first time this has happened. Fear to think about how many preset matches won’t come to light or we’ll find out about them long after the time.

Who knows if, for example, with such Astralis or other long-term champion will not be like with Amstrong (Cycling - a dozen or so years of doping, Tour The France, etc.). Of course, let’s hope that the detection and technical achievements (AI, Machine Learning, etc.) will allow 100% real competition and fair play in betting. Nobody likes to be jerked off and fans want to watch completely fierce duels.

Fixed matches have long been a nightmare in traditional esports as well as doping. Does it have to be the same in electronic games? In my opinion, everything points to this because the world will never be perfect.

I believe that appropriate IT tools will effectively reduce this phenomenon. Or maybe there is a need for regulation? This is a subject that can drag on for years…

What are you thinking?