5 gigantic DOTA 2 esports events with a cosmics reward pool

5 gigantic DOTA 2 esports events with a cosmics reward pool

1. International in 2018 - USD 25,532,177

Opening ceremony:

The biggest prize pool in the history of e-commerce with a total of 25 million prizes to be divided into 18 teams. The winning organization, OG Europe, earned as much as $11,234,158, or 44% of the total prize pool. Shock and disbelief!

2. The International 2017 - $24,687,919

Emotions in the final match:

Two years ago, Dota’s tournament breaks another record. Boredom? Standard? Perhaps, but only here, because in skirmishes the grace of emotions is not enough! We start to get used to the fact that the pool is growing year by year! This time 18 teams took part in the competition.

Team Liquid Europe wins $10,862,683 ( 44% of the total jackpot )

3. Main Event in DOTA 2 2016 - USD 20,770,460

Opening ceremony with a mega music star - LindseyStirling:

In 2016, awards in eSports competitions exceeded $20 million. This is the day when we started comparing The International to the biggest sporting events, even the Champions League finals in soccer . And what will happen in the years to come?

16 teams, among them the winner and the best turned out to be Wings Gaming Chinaw Winning $9,139,002 (44% of the total pool).

4. Dota 2 International 2015 - 18.429.613 $

Orchestra for a good start to the feast of every fan of the MOBA genre

In 2015, Evil Geniuses from the United States won the competition for the best team in the world. The entire organization was divided into $6,634,661, which was 36% of the prize pool that was doubled for last year’s already impressive prize pool! Nearly $20 million in 2015 to be shared among 16 organizations!

5. Dota 2 Competition 2014 - $10,931.103

Picture of the best organization in 2014:

Of the 16 teams, the Newbee China team proved to be the best, winning 46% of all funds allocated to the competition. The players with the whole team divided $5,025,029 among themselves. Dota 2 has been the biggest financial fuel in e-sport since the very beginning. Over $10 million (for all teams in the tournament in 2014!

Guess what! But of course - in 2019 there is even more to win, because as much as 30,000,000 dollars.

The tournament takes place in Shanghai and the main part will last from 20 to 25 August 2019

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12 last tournaments at Dota. Will it get even better in Sweden? Another record feels this way


International is the biggest Dota 2 tournament and it is not strange that the prizes are so high. I can also say that this championship brings money not only for official teams but even I’ve earned with such a great event. I’ve followed these guys https://ragezone.com/2019/07/16/who-will-win-the-international-2019/ who made good predictions and I watched the matches. The performance during matches was great. I am already prepared for International 2020.