10 Best memes or just OG players tournament decalogue

  1. Dota 2 is a game in which ten people play on computers and still lose OG.
  1. I came from the future to say that OG will win TI10. However, the team that took second place protested. The players claimed that someone from OG is not human. They want Valve to organize a tournament that is only open to men.

  2. OG actually means “Oh, my God”.

  3. TI9 will be the last TI in China. Religious teaching and activities in China are prohibited by law.

  4. OG can win the TI without losing in any game. They deliberately gave away the first map in each series in an attempt to hide from IceFrog.

  5. IceFrog can now every year, rewrite the same record.

  6. Dota 2 is free. Buying a compendium doesn’t make you stronger, but it makes OG richer.

  7. TI10 will be new with the system: OG immediately starts playing the grand finale and chooses the team that will take second place.

  8. During the interview after the match the host asked the player: "Why didn’t you kill Ana’s hero if he still had a life in one go? The player said: "That would be blasphemy.

  9. One day God decided he wanted to play Dot 2, so Ana was born.


so f* true ;- ^^^ :drum:

Valve to organize - sorry what ? :smiley: